STEM education is based on children’s natural curiosity about how the world around them works and inspires them to work creatively, innovate, and collaborate to solve engineering design challenges.
We would like to support teachers who are keen to enhance their abilities by engaging and increasing students’ interest in Science and Engineering.
EiE is guided by the engineering design process; children learn critical thinking, the value of failure, and the validity of multiple approaches and solutions.

This is the last chance of the year!

We would like to offer Engineering Kits to the first two Primary Teachers who apply.
This offer will close on 5th November and packs will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Packs will be shipped cash on delivery to school addresses only.
The targeted age band for children is from Preschool to Grade 5.

Please choose from one of the below:

  1. (Solids & Liquids) A Work in Process: Improving a Play Dough Process
  2. (Astronomy) A Long Way Down Designing Parachutes
    They include three things to support your teaching.
    – Teacher guide
    – Context-setting storybook
    – Material kit

Please fill the form here to apply today!✨