Alpha Publishing

Teaching Online Interactive Science, and Making it Fun!
You will learn about

  • Virtual laboratories
    To keep students engaged in a digital world they intuitively understand
  • Differentiation
    To reach each student at his or her level, especially when distance learning
  • Modelling scientific phenomenon
    To help students understand the world without the need for a physical classroom
  • 3-Dimensional approach
    Teach students a scaffold for learning content, making connections to concepts, and applying science practices
  • Practicing experimental design
    Helps the students think like scientists and run a well planned experiment, even from home

Lindy Ledohowski, CEO- please change to Aaron Ashworth, Head of US&UK Alpha Publishing
How to Bring Life Science into the Virtual Classroom
You will learn about

  • Exploring criteria needed for a population to experience natural selection.
  • Addressing the misconceptions behind adaptations and natural selection.
  • Identifying the four criteria needed for a population to experience natural selection.
  • Using the 5Es of Instruction to add consistency to the learning experience.
    Technology in education is becoming more and more popular. Our role at mangoSTEEMS is to introduce exciting new technologies and support teachers in the classroom to use technology effectively.
    Please feel free to join this opportunity!

Aaron Ashworth, Head of US&UK Alpha Publishing

ELT Songs

Webinar recording-Watch. Sing. Learn. Learn English with Amazing Songs and Videos
Are you looking for:

  1. Award-winning fun English language learning materials for teaching and learning at home, online or in the classroom?
  2. Engaging songs and video content to teach conversation, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation
  3. A progressive program aligned to the Cambridge English Young Learners Curriculum.
  4. Captivating content to keep young learners motivated at home and in the classroom

In this webinar, you will learn new language learning trends, and well tested and highly effective approaches for young learners.
Also, you will learn how to incorporate technology into the classroom to increase engagement and generate a strong positive energy for learning.

Jake Carter, Founder and CEO of ELT Songs
Benjamin Carter, COO of ELT Songs

Joy School English

Think Again! To help kids SPEAK English and learn character building values
You will learn about
You will learn strategies for teaching SPEAKING to young learners using technology and how to help children build strong character and succeed as productive and happy global citizens. Also, you will learn how to incorporate technology and data into the classroom to increase engagement and speaking opportunities.

In the webinar, we will consider:

  • Are we teaching English backwards by focusing on literacy, phonics and grammar? How do native English speakers learn English? By SPEAKING! Oral language comes first, and literacy follows.
  • How speech recognition technology can create consistent speaking opportunities and provide immediate feedback while building student confidence?
  • What is SEL? How can we help kids build strong character and succeed as productive and happy global citizens?
  • How can teachers incorporate technology and data into the classroom to increase engagement and speaking opportunities?

Eli Eyre, Director of Partnerships Alegra Learning Inc.
Best Tech to Boost English Speaking Proficiency and SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) for Preschoolers
You will learn about

  • Why speaking English is a great way to improve your children’s future.
  • How to engage students and how to teach speaking more efficiently and effectively.
  • Joy School English’s innovative use of the latest research and speech recognition technology to help pre-school children gain confidence in speaking and learn the character building values that will help them succeed in life.

Ben Eyre, Director of Partnerships at Joy School English
Eli Eyre, Director of Partnerships at Joy School English

Lingua Attack

Teaching Languages Effectively in the Era of COVID: Distance vs E-Learning
You will learn about

  • Help students continue to learn in changing and unpredictable conditions
  • Increase student engagement and interaction in your online courses
  • Utilise EdTech to enhance the student learning experience
  • Understanding the difference between Remote Learning and E-Learning
  • Implementing an online Flipped Classroom approach
  • Develop teaching strategies based on cognitive neuroscience, gamification and language learning pedagogy

Paul Maglione, co-founderof Entertainment Learning
Get Motivated and Make Rapid Progress: Learn languages with Movie Clips and Games!
Are you looking for:

  1. Your students to learn language with authentic content matched to their ability?
  2. A rapid learning path supported by current media, movie content and gamification?
  3. an interface in Japanese so students can complete self-study and homework without supervision?
  4. Everything on one platform, allowing you to allocated placement and performance assessment in addition?
  5. Flexible tools that can be used in the classroom or at home?

In this webinar, you will learn about innovative and effective immersive experiences in language learning.You will also learn how technology can be introduced into the classroom to increase motivation and drive positive energy for learning.

Paul Maglione, co-founder of Entertainment Learning

Ready to Run

Using Authentic Video to Drive Active Learning
You will learn about

  • Exposes students to authentic English from Day 1 and immerses them in Global English language and culture.
  • Engages students with real people and real stories in video-first learning materials created for the TikTok generation.
  • Provides teachers with dedicated resources for each video including a full lesson plan.
  • Covers CEFR levels A1, A1+, A2, A2+, B1, B1+ and B2 and is optimised for students preparing for Cambridge and IELTS listening and speaking exams.
  • Covers over 95% of the major word lists at each level
    Supports CLIL, 21st Century Skills learning, PISA-OECD Global Competencies and UNO Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Includes a professional development plan and community for English teachers.
  • The British Council’s independent international jury declared Ready to Run the world’s most innovative learner resource in the 2019 ELTons Awards.

Stephen Haggard / Adam Salkeld, Co-Founder and Director at Digital Learning Associate


“Mission to Mars” Teach Block Coding Using Robots in Virtual Worlds
You will learn about

  • How to teach Block Coding
  • How to prepare students to both write code and for the world of technology
  • What are Computational Thinking, Critical Thinking and Logical/Linear Thinking Skills
  • About Ministry of Education guidelines in India, Mongolia and Nepal

The information for the Robotify Teacher Certificate program which is now available is also included at the end of the video.

Alex Bowers, the business development manager, Robotify & Adrian Martinez, a programming teacher at LCA

Smart Kidz Club

Childhood English Literacy
You will learn about

  • The impact that COVID-19 has had on classrooms around the world
  • Strategies for combatting learning disruption in pre-primary and primary students
  • Methods for helping struggling students to catch up
  • The most effective ways to encourage students to read by themselves and take responsibility for their own learning
  • Tips for talking to parents to encourage reading at home

Surinder Sharma, CEO